German Sauerkraut

German Sauerkraut
16 oz. plain sauerkraut (do not use caraway seed)
1 lb. bacon cut into 1 inch strips
1 lb. potatoes skinned and cubed
2 cups flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt

Place bacon in a covered skilled on medium heat and cook till strips fall apart. Keep stirring through the entire process between every step. Drain sauerkraut and place into skilled with bacon and bacon grease.

Put cubed potatoes in large pot and boil until tender while making the knoephla, after tender place potatoes into skillet.

Boil water to boil in a large Dutch oven. Combine flour, egg and salt in a bowl and stir. Add water slowly until a medium thick dough is created. Take a spoonful and spoon small drops into boiling water until bottom is full then stir pieces off the bottom of pot. Boil until floating and firm, then remove with slotted spoon and place into skilled with bacon and sauerkraut. Repeat until all knoephla is cooked and in skillet.

Fry all ingredients together while stirring until knoephla, potatoes and sauerkraut is starting to get crispy.

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