Playback Keys – Helpful Hints

The playback keys, listed below are only active during the playback of a message.  They are designed to help you listen to your messages, for example by skipping back a few seconds to repeat an important detail.

  • Press 6 to Increase the volume of the message. You can press 6 several times to incrementally increase the volume.
  • Press 7 to slow the playback of the message. You can press this several times to incrementally reduce the speed of the message.
  • Press 8 to pause the playback of the message for up to 20 seconds. A “ping” sound informs you that the message is paused. Pressing 8 again resumes playback.
  • Press 9 to speed up the playback of the message. You can press this several times to incrementally increase the speed of the message.
  • Press 77 to Skip back 5 seconds
  • Press 99 to Skip forward 5 seconds



1.Dial *95

2.Enter your voicemail PIN.  (Your default PIN has been provided to you by a Consolidated Service Representative.  For your security, you will be required to change the PIN from the default).

3.New Voicemail PIN

4.If you have new messages, the messages will be identified.

5.After hearing any new messages, you will be presented with the Voicemail Main Menu. The Main Menu options are listed below.


1.Dial your home phone number.

2.Press * when you hear the voice mail greeting start. You will be prompted to enter your PIN and then #.

3.Continue to Main Menu.


Press 1 To Get Your Messages

  • Press 1 to Repeat Message
  • Press 22 to Save Message as New
  • Press 3 to Delete Message
  • Press 4 to Reply to Message
  • Press 5 to Forward Message to another Mailbox

Press 2 To Send A Message

  • Enter a phone number or group list number & press #. Press ** to exit


Press 3 To Work with Your Greetings

  • Press 1 to Set up Personal Greeting
  • Press 3 to Set up a system generated greeting or change your name recording
  • Press 5 to Set up a busy line greeting
  • Press * to Exit

Press 4 To Change Your Mailbox Settings

  • Press 1 to Work with your group lists
  • Press 2 Hands free and time saver options
  • Press 3 for Security options
  • Press 5 for Notification options
  • Press 6 for Additional settings
  • Press 9 Live Message Screening

Press 5 to work with settings

  • Press 1 for Reminders Settings
  • Press 2 for Add new Reminder

Press 7 To Leave This Mailbox & Log On As Another User

  • Enter phone number, then #, or * if error

Press 0 To Get More Help

  • Press # for Next hint
  • Press * to Return to Main Menu
  • Press 1 to Replay from Start of Menu

Press * To Exit Voice Mail System


To log into your voicemail box using the Internet:

1.Open the web page:

2.Please select “Continue to the Website” if you receive a security error.

3.Enter your phone number with area code and your password.

To listen to messages:

1.Click on “Messages & Calls” at the top of the page.

2.Click on the VM message to listen to it.  (note:  this may require that you download a plug-in, see the top of browser screen and allow download).