Unlimited Calling Plan ***(in or out of state)

Unlimited minutes / month $24.95

  Bundled Minute Plans (in or out of state)

300 minutes / month $24.00 9¢/Min
150 minutes / month $13.50 8¢/Min

12¢ Per Minute Overage

  Flat Rate Plans

Residential 8¢/min. out of state, 12¢/min in state, 12¢ to Canada.
Business 7¢/min. out of state, 12¢/min in state, 12¢ to Canada.
International Rates

  Calling Plans **

(Must choose Consolidated Long Distance for both in-state and out-of-state Long Distance to qualify)

All towns in calling area $14.95/month*
One town in calling area $10.95/month*

Communities Include: Dickinson, Richardton, South heart, Killdeer, Grassy Butte, Dunn Center, Reeder, Belfield, Halliday, Amidon, Rhame, Manning, Ladd, Scranton, Marmarth, Bowman, Hettinger, New England, Mott, Regent, Dodge

  Toll-Free 800 Numbers

Residential 12¢/minute in state and Canada, 7¢/minute out of state. $2.50/month service fee
Business 12¢/minute in state and Canada, 7¢/minute out of state. $2.50/month service fee

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*Excludes cellular calls to the numbers such as 260, 290, 440, 206, 590, 690, etc. if usually Long Distance from your home phone.

**Consolidated Calling Plan is intended for voice calls only. Long distance calls to any Internet provider, medical transcription, data, or voice over the Internet calls are prohibited. No dial around calling is permitted. For example, 1010 dial around or voice over the Internet calls.

***Available to residential subscribers for personal use only. Not available for business or commercial applications. Taxes, federal subscriber line charges, federal universal service charges, E911 charges, telecommunications relay service, other federal or state charges are not included. One time activation or service order charges may apply. Unlimited long distance includes residential, domestic voice calling only. Long distance calls to internet service providers, other data or information services are prohibited. If Consolidated Telcom determines that usage is not consistent with residential customer voice usage, Consolidated Telcom may immediately suspend, restrict, bill or cancel your service. Subject to change at any time. Consolidated Telcom reserves the right to discontinue service to any or all subscribers without prior notice. Click here for full restrictions description and disclaimers.

LD Conditions

"Preferred Carrier Freeze" (PIC Freeze)

"Preferred Carrier Freeze" (PIC Freeze) prevents a change in your long distance carrier selection. The intent of the PIC Freeze is to help protect telephone customers from being "slammed". Slamming is the "unauthorized switching" of your long distance carrier. To lift the PIC Freeze and/or make a change to your long distance carrier while the PIC Freeze is in place, you must notify your local telephone company by using one of the following methods:

Oral authorization stating your intent to lift the PIC Freeze by calling: 483-4000 or 1-888-225-5282.

Written and signed authorization including telephone number(s) stating your intent to lift the PIC Freeze or make a change to a new long distance carrier. This must be sent to:
P.O. Box 1408
Dickinson, ND 58602.

The number to call is: 1-888-225-5282 if you suspect you have been switched without your authorization, notify Consolidated and your authorized long distance carrier.

PIC Freeze Form