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High speed internet is not an option anymore! Download music, movies, gaming, home office use, all on your wireless devices.

Laptops…TV’s…Game consoles…Blu-Ray players…Phones…Tablets and the list goes on! All demanding high speed connections! All provided by your local provider serving southwestern North Dakota for nearly 55 years!

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Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi is a way that you can improve your internet experience while using your wireless devices. At the heart of the service is a new managed router. This router provides 802.11ac wireless that will support all of your existing devices and many new devices yet to come. With this managed service, Consolidated is able to help troubleshoot most internet troubles from the office, this gets any issues resolved faster and reduces the chances that we may need to come onsite to fix the problem. Below are just a few benefits of the managed service.

  • Software upgrades are performed at regular intervals to make sure that your router is preforming its best at all times
  • If your router fails, Consolidated will replace it at no cost
  • No upfront costs
  • Even though the router is managed, you the customer have direct access to change any settings on your own at any time

Calix Managed Router – $4.99/month


  • Calix Managed Router
  • Cloud Based Remote Wi-Fi Management
  • Call in Technical Support

Calix Managed Access Point – $4.99/month


  • Calix Managed Access Point
  • Cloud Based Remote Wi-Fi Management
  • Call in Technical Support