• Fall Sun Outages 2019 (10/10/2019)

    It’s the time of year when we anticipate autumn solar interference. Sun outages that can affect your TV reception are projected to between October 5th and October 13th.
    We don't anticipate completed loss of service, but we do expect some interference. Here is some more info on Sun Outages:

    Twice a year, during the spring and fall, you may experience some degree of television interference due to a phenomenon known as “sun outages.” This Q&A will help you understand what they are and how they will affect you.

    What is a sun outage?
    A sun outage is an interruption in satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The interference is caused when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun's radiation overwhelms the satellite signal.

    How long do they last?
    Interruption in TV service due to sun outages can last up to several minutes a day.

    How do they affect watching TV?
    During this time, you may experience interference with picture quality and sound when watching television. Sun outages do not affect internet or phone service.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or concerns contact our service department 483-4444