2017-2018 Board of Directors for Consolidated Telcom

Bill Schaller
District 2
Grassy Butte & Killdeer Exchanges

Tony Messmer
Vice President
District 7
Richardton & Mott Exchanges

Paula Anderson
District 6
Regent & Hettinger Exchanges

Consolidated Telcom Cooperative District Maps

Carissa Swenson
District 1
Halliday, Manning, Dunn Center Exchanges

Brenda Volesky
District 3
Amidon, New England, South Heart Exchanges

Scott Bachmeier
District 4
Rhame, Reeder, Scranton Exchanges

Jan Stebbins
District 5
Bowman, Ladd Exchanges

Our History

Consolidated Telcom Annual Meeting - 1960's? at St. Patrick's Hall

On January 2, 1961, two struggling telephone companies, Bowman-Slope Rural Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation & Dunn Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation joined together in the cooperative venture that we today, call Consolidated. Soon after the Cooperative was formed, it grew when services were provided in Richardton, South Heart, Reeder, Regent, and Marmarth, doubling in size in1978.

In 1996, Consolidated’s Board of Directors and management made the decision to purchase 5 communities from U.S.West (now known as Century Link), Killdeer, Mott, Hettinger, New England and Bowman. Consolidated once again more than doubled the customers served. Later, in 2001, members of these 5 communities became part of the Cooperative.

In 2006, Consolidated took on the very ambitious goal of serving all customers with a fiber infrastructure within 10 years. Currently, we are nearing the end of our Fiber to the Home Project to all Cooperative members. With that vision in mind, we are able to achieve affordable gigabit speeds, which is 100 times faster than 100 Meg.

Consolidated Telcom -Main Office at 507 South Main We started with 2 telephone companies merging in 1961 with fifteen (15) employees to a Broadband, TV and telephone company with over 110 employees. We deliver a state of the art network providing advanced services to our customers. It is an amazing time to be in the telecommunications business serving rural North Dakota. Our belief has stayed the same that treating our customers and employees with honesty and integrity is the best way to conduct business.

With technology constantly changing in Southwest North Dakota, Consolidated really does “Reach the World from Here”.