Submissions for the 2019 Calendar are over.  Thank you to everyone who submitted.  Winners will be notified by the contact information they provided and by social media.

Submissions for 2020 Calendar are due by mid August 2019!  Thank you!

To be eligible for the calendar contest, you must receive telephone, Internet or cable television service from Consolidated.

Photos need to be in JPG or TIF format and preferably at least 300 DPI OR 3000 pixels wide to be clear enough to print. Please make sure the photo file name does not have spaces or punctuation. To rename a file, browse to the file in a file manager (Windows Explorer, Folder, etc.), highlight the file and press F2 to rename the file, making sure the extension is the same (ex. .jpg, .gif)

Dates may be changed at any time. Thank you.

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    You can upload up to five (5) photos per submission. You may make as many submission as you want if you have more than five (5) photos.
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