Step 1 - Location

Location Internet Speed Demo

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Step 2 - Residential Services

Telephone Broadband Cable TV
No Phone Service
Phone with Features
Phone, No Features
No Thank You
250 M x 25 M(7+ devices)
120 M x 12 M (5 - 6 devices)
70 M x 7 M (3 - 4 devices)
10 M x 1 M (1 - 2 devices)
No Thank You
Premier/HD Package
Elite/HD Package
Essential/HD Package
Changing your package will clear your Service Options.

Step 3 - Your Recommended Package

Your Recommended Package

Step 4 - Service Options


Calling Features
Personal Ringing$4.50 / mth
Find Me$3.00 / mth
Telemarketer Call Screening$3.00/ mth
Common Call FeaturesFREE
includes: Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, and Voice mail when "Phone with Features" option was chosen in Step 2
Long Distance Options
Flat Rate of 12¢ in state, 8¢ out of stateper minute
150 min./mo. (9¢/min.) - 12¢ per minute overage$13.50 / mth
300 min./mo. (8¢/min.) - 12¢ per minute overage$24.00 / mth
Unlimited Long Distance **Some restrictions apply$24.95 / mth
Will be using a different carriervaries
Long Distance Restrictions
*900 and International numbers will be blocked unless otherwise requested
Complete Toll Restriction without 1+800 access
Complete Toll Restriction with 1+800 access
Block Collect Calls
Block Third Party Calls
Directory Listing Information
Please enter your name and address as you would like it to appear in the directory
Full Name
Extra Listing $1.50 / mth
Non-Published$2.10 / mth
Unlisted$1.00 / mth
Ported Number Information
If you plan on keeping your current number when starting service with Consolidated,
please enter it below.
Number to Port


Email Addresses / Passwords
You must enter at least one, but can have up to five free. We cannot guarantee that an email address you requested will be available. Your username and password must be between 8 and 16 characters (Password must include one capital letter and one numeral. Username can include an underscore _ or dash -.) (Username and password must be different and password cannot contain the username).
Username NamePassword

Router Option

Calix Managed Router $4.99 /mth

Cable TV

Premium Channels
1 Premium (Not HBO) $17.50 / mth
Just HBO $18.00 / mth
2 Premium $32.00 / mth
3 Premium $44.00 / mth
4 Premium $54.25 / mth
HBO ( 7 channels )
CINEMAX ( 9 channels )
STARZ / STARZ ENCORE( 14 channels )
DVR's and Set Top Boxes (required for digital and HD programming)
Whole Home DVR$2.50 / mth
Digital Video Recorders (DVR)$12.00 / mth
Set Top Boxes (up to 3 at no charge)$4.00 / mth
Cable Cards (Not for Fiber Customers)$3.00 / mth
DTA (Not for Fiber Customers)$2.00 / mth (1 free with Essential, 3 with Elite or Preimer)
TiVo Service Options
TiVo T6 DVR (6 Tuner w/Stream built in) (non-fiber customers) $18.00 / mth
TiVo Mini (non-fiber customers)$8.00 / mth (1st 2 no charge)
TiVo Preview Tuner (non-fiber customers)$10.00 / mth
TiVo Stream (non-fiber customers)$5.00 / mth
DVR's and Set Top Boxes (required for digital and HD programming)
Whole Home DVR$2.50 / mth
Digital Video Recorders (DVR)$12.00 / mth
Set Top Boxes (up to 3 at no charge)$4.00 / mth

Contract Options

Wire Maintenance
1 Service Wire Maintenance$2.00 / mth
Wire Maintenance
2 Service Wire Maintenance$3.00 / mth
Wire Maintenance
3 Service Wire Maintenance$3.50 / mth

Step 5 - Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Service Address:
Address 2
Zip Code-
Contact Phone
Billing Address (If Different):
Address 2
Zip Code-
Comments or questions for the customer service team:

Step 6 - Agree & Submit

Bundle Name
Monthly Service(s) Price
Additonal Monthly Options
Approx. Total Monthly Amount (pre tax)
Broadband Installation Charge

Exact amount will vary depending on applied taxes and services available at a specific location. Customer service will cover this information with you when we call to complete the order. Thank you

By clicking on "Submit to Customer Service", Customer service will contact you about your order and discuss the details, ask any additional information that might be needed to complete the order and answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact our office at 701-483-4000

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