Consolidated Channel 18 will broadcast all 32 Home games for the 2021 Season.

The Mix 105.7 will broadcast the audio of both the Home and Away games.

A Special Thank you to all the sponsors in both Radio and TV, who made the LIVE Broadcast of these games possible.

Home Games

Away Games

DateTeamTimeLive TVLive Radio
Fri June 25Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Sat June 26Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Sun June 27Mining City Tommyknockers (home)4:35pm
Mon June 28Spearfish Sasquatch (away)6:35pm
Tue June 29Casper Horseheads (away)6:35pm
Wed June 30Casper Horseheads (away)6:35pm
Thu July 1Casper Horseheads (away)6:35pm
Fri July 2Mining City Tommyknockers (away)7:05pm
Sat July 3Mining City Tommyknockers (away)7:05pm
Sun July 4Mining City Tommyknockers (home)5:35pm
Mon July 5Off
Tue July 6Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (home)6:05pm
Wed July 7Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (home)6:05pm
Thu July 8Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (away)6:05pm
Fri July 9Western Nebraska Pioneers (away)6:35pm
Sat July 10Western Nebraska Pioneers (away)6:35pm
Sun July 11Western Nebraska Pioneers (away)4:35pm
Mon July 12Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (home)6:05pm
Tue July 13Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (home)6:05pm
Wed July 14Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (away)6:05pm
Thu July 15Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (home)6:05pm
Fri July 16Canyon County Spuds (home)6:05pm
Sat July 17Canyon County Spuds (home)6:05pm
Sun July 18Canyon County Spuds (home)4:35pm
Mon July 19All Star Break
Tue July 20All Star Break
Wed July 21All Star Break
Thu July 22Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (away)TBD
Fri July 23Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (away)TBD
Sat July 24Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (home)6:05pm
Sun July 25Grand Forks Whiskey Jacks (home)4:35pm
Mon July 26Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Tue July 27Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Wed July 28Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Thu July 29Mining City Tommyknockers (home)6:05pm
Fri July 30Mining City Tommyknockers (away)7:05pm
Sat July 31Mining City Tommyknockers (away)7:05pm
Sun August 1Mining City Tommyknockers (away)5:35pm
Mon August 2Canyon County Spuds (away)7:05pm
Tue August 3Canyon County Spuds (away)7:05pm
Wed August 4Canyon County Spuds (away)7:05pm
Thu August 5Off
Fri August 6Canyon County Spuds (Home)6:05pm
Sat August 7Canyon County Spuds (Home)6:05pm
Sun August 8Off
Mon August 9Divisional Playoff
Tue August 10Divisional Playoff
Wed August 11Divisional Playoff
Thu August 12Off
Fri August 13League Championship
Sat August 14League Championship
Sun August 15League Championship