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Summer Construction

Consolidated is EXCITED to bring fiber optic facilities to the Northwest Dickinson area. This will be done at NO CHARGE to the homeowners.

You will see Master Construction working in the area including accessing backyards to complete the project.

With fiber optic facilities, the gold standard in the communication industry is available, ensuring the best possible connection with the fastest internet speeds available – up to 1 Gig.

We sincerely appreciate serving the area and thank you for your patience during this construction phase.


We are the premier provider for high-speed Internet, telephone, and digital television services in southwestern North Dakota.

Consolidated Telcom's Mission Statement

Consolidated Telcom will deliver a state-of-the-art network providing advanced services to our customers.

Keeping our customers connected to the world with telephone, television and high-speed Internet with over 50 years of experience and we proudly continue that tradition of commitment and passion to our customers today.