Peaceful Valley Ranch

Horse Trail Rides

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Medora, North Dakota

    We are located 7 miles into Theodore Roosevelt National  Park alongside the Little Missouri River.  Peaceful Valley is surrounded by colorful badland
country with wild horses, bison, mule deer,white tail deer, elk, coyote,  eagles,  and prairie dogs.

    In the summer of 2003, we were honored to guide Tweed Roosevelt and friend, Leslie, on our trail rides.  Tweed is the great grandson of Theodore Roosevelt.  He and Leslie are pictured below with our son Patrick Tangen crossing the Little Missouri River.

"My great grandfather would have loved this ride."  
                                                                                         ~ Tweed Roosevelt

Operated by:
Neil and Laura Tangen
Shadow Country Outfitters
Box 308
Medora, North Dakota   58645
(701) 623-4568

Between Sept. and May contact us at:
12410 41st Street SW
South heart, North Dakota   58655
(701) 677-4260

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