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  Residential Broadband Services

Blazing fast Internet makes video streaming, music and gaming a dream! 768Kb up to 100 Meg packages.

  Broadband Packages -
100 M x 10 M Fiber & Cable
50 M x 5 M Fiber & Cable
20 M x 2 M Fiber & Cable Only
12 M x 1.5 M Fiber & Cable Only
4 M x 1 M Fiber, Cable, DSL & Wireless
1.5 M x 512 KB Fiber, Cable, DSL & Wireless
Save $48 one-time installation with 12 mo. contract.
FREE Junk mail filtering
FREE 24x7 Technical Support
Does not include one-time hardware costs or setup
  Business Broadband Services

Please contact business sales at 701-483-4000 for pricing.

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