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  Residential Broadband Services

Blazing fast Internet makes video streaming, music and gaming a dream! 768Kb up to 100 Meg packages.

  Broadband Packages
100 M x 10 M $149.95/month Fiber Only
50 M x 5 M $99.95/month Fiber Only
20 M x 2 M $59.95/month Fiber & Cable Only
12 M x 1.5 M $49.95/month Fiber & Cable Only
4 M x 1 M $39.95/month Fiber, Cable, DSL & Wireless
1.5 M x 512 KB $29.95/month Fiber, Cable, DSL & Wireless
Save $48 one-time installation with 6 mo. contract.
FREE Junk mail filtering
FREE 24x7 Technical Support
Does not include one-time hardware costs or setup
  Wild Blue Satellite

Wild Blue Satellite is available to customers who are not able to receive broadband Internet with fiber, DSL, cable or wireless equipment.

1.5 M x 256 KB $79.95/month
1 M x 200 KB $69.95/month
512 KB x 128 KB $49.95/month
  Business Broadband Services

Please contact business sales at 701-483-4000 for pricing.

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