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This is Miss Sadie. She’s 10 months old. Originally adopted her and her sister from a girl who had to move to Bismarck and couldn’t take them. I’ve had them { more }
Price: 1
Updated: 5/22/2015
   Mickey-Oreo’s Rescue
Mickey was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is very friendly and truly loves people. He will roll on his back begging you for attention. He is currently at the PetSmart in { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 5/21/2015
   Honey Girl-Oreo’s Rescue
Honey Girl loves people and is a very loyal Pit. She needs to be an only pet and she needs an owner that will give her plenty of exercise and LOVE! Vaccination and spay are i { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 5/21/2015
URGENT!! RESCUED CATS NEED YOU!!!! We are very worried about these cats!! We are moving out of state SOON and our rescued foster cats need homes by May 30!!! We can’t { more }
Price: 0
Updated: 5/14/2015
   Rachel-Oreo’s Rescue
Rachel was rescued as a stray. She will be available for adoption May 15. She is very friendly on her terms. She is a cool cat with a ton of personality.Vaccination and spay a { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
   Rocket-Oreo’s Rescue
Rocket is such a great cat. When he was rescued from the Dickinson pound, he was very thin and injured. He is coming along very well and should be ready for adoption about May { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
   Black Jack-Oreo’s Rescue
Black Jack is a kind and well mannered 8 year old pomeranian. He takes a little time to warm up to new people, but he really wants to be friends. If you are looking for an eas { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
   Buddy-Oreo’s Rescue
Buddy is a basset mix that was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is in our Home on the Range Program. He will be available for adoption in July.Vaccination and neuter are i { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
   Edward-Oreo’s Rescue
Edward is an Australian Shepherd mix. He was rescued from an unfortunate situation and we are still working on his socialization. He will need a patient owner with experience. { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
   Pepper-Oreo’s Rescue
Pepper was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is a fun and playful bassett/lab mix and is currently a part of our Home on the Range Program. He will be available for adoptio { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 5/10/2015
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