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im looking for a kitten { more }
Price: na
Updated: 10/14/2014
We are a group of wonderful cats! We were abandoned and homeless until we were rescued! Our foster family will be moving soon and can’t take us with them. They are ve { more }
Price: 0
Updated: 10/14/2014
We are in the process of moving and need to find loving forever homes for our rescued foster cats! They are all spayed or neutered and are strictly indoor cats. Januar { more }
Price: give away
Updated: 10/10/2014
   Duke-Oreo’s Rescue
Duke is a rescue Lab/Pointer mix that has been part of the Home on the Range Canine Program. He has been socialized a great deal and has learned some basic obedience. He can b { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 10/4/2014
   Kohl-Oreo’s Rescue
Kohl is a rescue dog that has been part of the Home on the Range Canine Program. They have provided her with care, socialization and basic obedience. Kohl likes to be the cent { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 10/4/2014
   Crash-Oreo’s Rescue
Crash is a rat terrier/dachshund mix. He is in search of a new family. He is about 7 months old, very playful and active. His current owner can no longer keep him, so please h { more }
Price: Contact for Adoption Fee
Updated: 10/4/2014
   Dog for give away
I need to find a good home for this dog. It was left here by my ex and I can’t keep her! She isn’t the greatest with cats, which I have 3 of, so that makes it real { more }
Price: Free
Updated: 9/30/2014
   Zoe-Oreo’s Rescue
Zoe is a kind and gently girl. Her owner recently past away, so she is looking for a new forever home. She is an indoor only cat. Vaccinations and spay are included in her $50 { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 9/25/2014
   Peaches-Oreo’s Rescue
Peaches is a big friendly guy. His owner recently passed away, so he is looking for a new family to love. He is an indoor only cat.Vaccinations and neuter are included in his { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 9/25/2014
   Oscar-Oreo’s Rescue
Oscar looks afraid in this picture, but he is really quite friendly. He is used to being outside, so an indoor/outdoor home in the country would suit him fine.Vaccinations and { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 9/25/2014
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