Pets & Supplies - Giveaway (13 listings)    One male ferret
Male ferret. Very friendly has birth certificate. He is descented and neutered. 3 months old. Does not come with cage. { more }
Price: 75$
Updated: 1/27/2015
   Loving Cat
Give away wonderful spayed and declawed female house cat. She is very sweet and has no vices. { more }
Price: free
Updated: 1/17/2015
   Penelope-Oreo’s Rescue
Penelope was rescued as a starving stray. She responded quickly to a little love and attention. She is a very sweet and playful girl! Vaccinations and spay are included in her { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 1/2/2015
   Paisley-Oreo’s Rescue
If you need a hug, Paisley is the girl for the job. She is such a loving cat! She just wants to be your best friend. Vaccinations and spay are included in her $50.00 adoption! { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 1/2/2015
   Libby-Oreo’s Rescue
Libby was rescued as a stray. She was quite wild when we got her, but she has a wonderful foster home and is learning to trust. She is not the lap cat type (yet), but she does { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 1/2/2015
   Mowgli-Oreo’s Rescue
Mowgli was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is afraid, but not a bit mean. He is looking for a patient home that will let his personality come out. He has such beautiful g { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 1/2/2015
   Litter trained house kittens
Three kittens to give away. One Siamese, one orange tabby, and one long haired black. All are ready to go. { more }
Price: Free
Updated: 12/19/2014
   Ninja-Oreo’s Rescue
Ninja was very sick when she was rescued. She had no hair and was starving. It is amazing what a little medical attention and a lot of TLC can do! She is now ready for her ver { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 12/5/2014
   Trick-Oreo’s Rescue
Trick was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is in search and a quiet indoor home to help him gain some confidence. He is playful and active when he feels safe.Vaccination a { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 12/5/2014
   Pumpkin-Oreo’s Rescue
Pumpkin was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is still a shy boy, but he is also beautiful and playful. With some patience, he will be your best friend! Vaccination and neu { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 12/5/2014
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