Pets & Supplies - Giveaway (10 listings)    Free Rabbits
I have one male and one female rabbit for give away. water bottles included. Located in Dickinson. { more }
Price: free
Updated: 11/19/2014
   2 excellent mousers
2 wonderfully sweet,funny, female, declawed and neutered cats (no vices)litter box trained. Hearts is black and white and loves to snuggle with anyone. Even though she is declawed she loves catching mice and birds. Mindy is b { more }
Price: free
Updated: 11/17/2014
   Free kittens
Free kittens, about 6 weeks old. Barn kittens, mom is a great mouser. We saved them from the cold but HAVE to get rid of them! Just the gray one left. Super cute and lovable. Box trained { more }
Price: 0
Updated: 11/21/2014
   We are looking for a couple of kitt ...
In need of good mousers :) would like 2 female kittens. Thank you! { more }
Price: Free
Updated: 11/4/2014
   Gus-Oreo’s Rescue
Gus is a mellow and kind older cat. He is on a special diet, but otherwise all he needs is love. He will thrive in a peaceful home. Vaccinations and neuter are included in his { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 10/26/2014
   Hallie-Oreo’s Rescue
Hallie was recently rescued from a bad situation. The person how saved her is unable to keep her. We are in search of a foster home or new forever home for this sweet pointer { more }
Price: Contact
Updated: 10/26/2014
   Squeaks-Oreo’s Rescue
Squeaks loves to cuddle just as much as he loves to play. He was rescued as a sickly little stray and he has eaten up the TLC. He does still sneeze once in awhile, but he is a { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 10/26/2014
   Kohl-Oreo’s Rescue
Kohl is a rescue dog that has been part of the Home on the Range Canine Program. They have provided her with care, socialization and basic obedience. Kohl likes to be the cent { more }
Price: $75.00
Updated: 10/4/2014
   Libby-Oreo’s Rescue
Libby was rescued as a stray. She was quite wild when we got her, but she has a wonderful foster home and is learning to trust. She is not the lap cat type (yet), but she does { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 9/15/2014
   Mowgli-Oreo’s Rescue
Mowgli was rescued from the Dickinson pound. He is afraid, but not a bit mean. He is looking for a patient home that will let his personality come out. He has such beautiful g { more }
Price: $50.00
Updated: 9/15/2014
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