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  Cable TV Service

Find all your favorite programs, plus enjoy local channels.

  Cable TV Packages
Digital Basic Cable  
    Channels 2 - 82, 200 - 247, 901 - 937, and PPV 800 - 809
Expanded Basic Cable  
    Channels 2 - 82
Basic Cable  
    Channels 2 - 22
  High-Definition Packages

Channels 306 through 360. DVR or Set Top Box is required.

HD Local ChannelsFREE
    Channels 303 and 313
HD Combo Package See Below
    Channels 303 - 435
  Premium Movie Packages

Get all the action, romance, mystery and blockbuster movies you can ever want with these great movie packages:

  • HBO
  • Showtime / TMC
  • Cinemax
  • Starz! / Encore

1 Premium Movie Package $16.25/month
Just HBO Premium Movie Package $17.50/month
2 Premium Movie Package $29.50/month
3 Premium Movie Package $40.25/month
4 Premium Movie Package $49.25/month

HD premium channels included with packages.

  Digital Receivers and Recorders
Cable Card$3.00/month
Digital Receiver$4.00/month
DVR with digital or premium service$10.00/month
DVR with analog service$20.00/month
High Definition (HD)
Set Top Box with HD Programming (FIBER)$8.50/month
DVR with HD Programming (COAX)$18.50/month

DVRs or digital receivers are required to receive digital basic package and/or premium channels.

  Closed Captioning Information Closed Captioning Issues Contact Info:
Tel: 701-483-4444
Fax: 701-483-0001

Closed Captioning Complaints:
Consolidated Cable Vision, Inc.
Rolan Honeyman, Business Development Manager
P.O. Box 1408
Dickinson, ND 58602-1408
Tel: 701-483-4444
Fax: 701-483-0001

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